University Project

Challenge (student brief)

Explore the concept of a digital city.


Vibe is a concept for a multi-layered digital platform of a city, showing the real-time energy, experience and interpretations of its residents.

Anyone can join the Vibe community and are then able to participate, by uploading their own ‘vibes’, ideas and experiences, using a variety of media such as video, photographs, audio, web links, and augmented reality. Staying true to the constant evolution of the city, the continual contribution of content ensures that Vibe is always changing and stays up to date. Older or outdated vibes disappear over time to be replaced by new ones. This makes each visit to the digital city fresh and engaging with new experiences ready to be discovered.

Each city can have its own unique open map that buzzes with a live network and community, sharing and expressing their personal vibes, and offering an insider’s perspective of their environment.  This map can be accessed primarily through a smart phone interface, but may also be interacted with physically using an ‘Invisible Map’. This is based around a blank embossed map, embedded with RFID tags acting as triggers to allow real time interaction with the digital city.

This project was a collaborative effort with a lot of credit to Kate Edwards-Mason.

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